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DataSaker Open Event!

3 months free use, 3 months free remote support

Support Item
Basic 1)
Expert 2)
​Included in Rate Plan
Separate Billing
Response Time (FRT) 3)
Critical Priority, Within 2 Hours
​Normal Priority, Within 6 Hours
Critical Priority, Within 1 Hour
Normal Priority, Within 4 Hours
​User Guide
Online Document
Online Documents, Tickets
Online Documentation, Tickets
and Dedicated Engineers
Support Channel
Ticket, Email
​Ticket, Email,
Dedicated Engineer
Remote Support 4)
Tech Support Ticket
Technical Support Ticket,
Dedicated Engineer

1) Basic is included in the rate plan and does not incur any additional cost.

2) Expert is assigned a dedicated engineer to provide guidance on how to use DataSaker as well as methods to analyze the customer's system 

     and improve its performance.

3) Response time (FRT, First Response Time) is the first response time to a request registered as a support channel. 

4) For Remote Tech Support, a dedicated engineer measures and analyzes the performance of the customer's system according to the

     customer's request, and guides the customer to achieve the best performance.

     * Free technical support is based on Basic.

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